Pivot Your Life 

And Live Your Fullest Expression

Is it time to bring your life back in alignment with who you really are?
Are you SICK and tired of trying to be someone else?
Has that nudge you've been feeling for years turned into a kick in the solar plexus?
Are you SICK and tired of not feeling valued?

The Time Has Come to Take Back Your Power


Sort through your life clues and uncover who YOU really are...

Get crystal clear on what YOUR purpose is to live the meaningful life you've always craved...

That thing you've ALWAYS loved doing but never thought anything of?

Turn that into a meaningful source of income

without spending years studying and

without losing a ton of money on programs trying to

clone you into someone you're not.



Midlife Women Pivot Your Life

Reconnection Program 

Awaken and Activate 2021

  • Pivot and Reconnect to your Life-path
  • Tap into Your life clues to reconnect to your highest version
  • Develop life skills to achieve the changes you desire in any area of your life
  • Turn Your passions into a Meaningful source of income
It's Your Time

What’s included?


Online Modules 24/7 

Computer, Tablet or Phone 


Downloadable Worksheets with exercises for experiential learning


Private Facebook Community of  Women on the same journey